Woodwork focuses on the raw beauty in a piece of wood. A single piece can speak for itself, but speaks even louder when the natural curves and coloration are allowed to conjoin in a symbiosis with other pieces. Whenever possible, all works are used using recycled, salvaged or sustainably harvested wood. Pieces are made in consultation with the client so that the piece meets the image and look desired.

Vanities and cabinetry. Joel has worked on vanities and cabinetry for bathrooms, kitchens woodshops. He has also made cases for compact discs, pull out pantries and stylized drawers. His designs preserve the integrity of the structure and highlight unique qualities of the wood used, be it salvaged, recycled or sustainably harvested.
Storage Chests and Tables. The chest here was created for Joel's daughter as storage for toys. The wood is salvaged barn wood. The dye for the lettering is created from vegetables. Storage built into benches, entertainment centers, jewelry boxes and other pieces can be made. Joel's most recent work is a glass-topped maple coffee table with a recessed display area under the glass.
Shelving. Shelving can be designed and made according to the specific needs of the client. Built in wall shelving, shelving recessed into a wall, and smaller portable pieces are made creatively to accent the wood itself while providing a display area for other pieces of art, books, etc.