When walking through the woods of Colorado, there is a certain simplistic beauty found in a fallen aspen, a lichen-covered chunk of granite, or a mountain goat scrambling up a precipice. These are scenes that stir memories of youth and feelings of hope for humankind. Joel's mixed media pieces focus on the natural setting, where nature combines itself and its beauty. The fallen aspen, lichen covered granite and mountain goat could easily be found in the same scene. These mixed media pieces draw upon a combined beauty of wood and rock, and wood and textile.

Floor Screens. The holiday limited edition Aspen Ridge Floor Screen will add dimension, definition and distinction to any natural space. Highlighting Del Cerro Textile's "The Ranch" line, the unique screen has been hand crafted with sustainable maple and aspen. All fibers used in the creation of the textiles are certified organic, of the highest quality, and have been raised at the Howell Ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado under restorative land management practices.
Inlaid tables and wall hangings. Inspired by indigenous art, rock and tile are cut and inlaid into hand crafted tables and wall decorations. Detailing rock and tile into woodwork takes mosaics to a new level. Scenes capture emotion contained in indigenous art and highlight elements through natural coloration and texture of rock. Of course the woodwork is structurally sound and made from salvaged, reclaimed or sustainably harvested materials whenever practicable.
Tile tables. Take a structurally sound table and add impervious, decorative tile. The result is a stunning piece that successfully combines organic with the inorganic. Joel has been playing with different tile patterns and cut of wood. This piece uses thinned lodgepole pine, ponderosa pine and naturally felled aspen together with ceramic tiles cut to size.