Often a smaller piece can highlight a room, and enhance a look that is being portrayed. For Joel's inspiration he again turns to nature. For example, the knot in the trunk of a tree that sets it apart from the rest of the forest, and the small subtle details that bring greater spaces to life. As in all works, recycled, salvaged, or sustainably harvested woods are used whenever practicable. Accent pieces do not stray from this philosophy and are created with the needs and vision of the client. Pictured here are three examples of accent pieces. End tables, curio stands and display tables, and other accents can be made according to design.

Coat Rack. This particular piece was made using felled quaking aspen and pieces of an old loom. The base is thinned lodgepole pine. A similar design has been used for numerous mug trees, jewelry holders, etc.
Lamps. Lamps can be made to most any design. This lamp was created using pruned apple and driftwood found of the Oregon coast near Bandon. The piece takes on similarities to fungi found in the lush and humid environment where it was created.
Viga/Latillas. During one house remodel, Joel made a series of vigas and latillas to span openings created in the living room. These are all hand crafted using a mallet and chisel. The Douglas fir beams are finished with teak oil. The photo demonstrates the versatility of Joel's ability and presents more possibilities.